Autoware Conference 2014

Autoware Conference 2015, innovation and training

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The "Autoware Conference 2015" gathered all Autoware employees for a day of sharing and training

The Autoware Conference 2015 took place in the corporate office of Gallarate (Milan), representing an important opportunity to bring the whole team together and work face-to-face on important issues about corporate development.

In addition to sharing the results of the past year, some new elements defined the day:

  • A group session for business improvement, that led to the definition of 3 projects that will contribute to the evolution of Autoware delivery process
  • The launch of the "Autoware lab": a space to create and innovate within the company, a task force aimed to focus on continuous innovation
  • Luigi De Bernardini's keynote on MES market development and its interaction with the Internet of Things 

Below some pictures of the key moment of this intense day:

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Autoware Conference 2014

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