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The advantages of Autoware's AUGMENTED REALITY


The augmented reality enriches the sensorial perception by overlapping information and virtual objects that are invisible to the human eye on a screen.

Why choose Autoware’s AUGMENTED REALITY solution?

For the industrial production, the use of the augmented reality brings many advantages in terms of production efficiency, efficacy and visibility. We offer the possibility to dive in a 360-degree environment between the real and the virtual world, characterized by informations and 3D elements applied to the screen directly on the machines, allowing a full control of the production in real time.

Our Technologies partners

real-time information

Possibility of analysing data and information in real time

360° control

Full control of the production environment through the use of tablets or dedicated visros

Real-time feedback

Provides immediate results that can be easily analysed

Step-by-step guide

Possibility to guide the operators over the operations through guided steps and 3D animations

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