Autoware AUTOMATION Solutions

The advantages of Autoware AUTOMATION

What is the AUTOMATION?

Safety, control and optimization of the processes in order to visualize the operations, carry out supervision checks and communicate reliable production information to higher-level applicants.

Why choose the Autoware AUTOMATION?

Our automation solutions are based on the most advanced standards for PLC programming and on the latest HMI / SCADA technologies (human machine interface / supervision, control and data acquisition) in order to get the maximum potential from the available data.
Safety, control and process optimization are the priorities of Autoware’s automation solutions, making it possible a global operations view, supervisory controls performing and reliable information communication to applications at a higher level.

Our Technologies partners

Uninterrupted control for plants a processes

PLC programming

Ensuring respect of operational constraints and production specifications thanks to a PLC programming methodical and consistent to specific standards.


Intuitive user interface based on market standard software.


Plant data collection and readable visualizations even for complex processes. Centralization of existing SCADA.

Control Room

Centralized control solution to gain complete visibility on processes.

Mobile Solutions

HMI, SCADA and specific applications available everywhere.

Alarm management

Constantly guarded system, and interventions guided by the real time information received by the people in charge.
The availability of reliable production information in real time is a critical factor for any manufacturer.

Our Success comes form Experience

For more than 20 years we create and implement solutions based on our customer’s demands.

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