Autoware MES Solutions

The advantages of Autoware MES Solutions

What is a MES System?

MES systems allow you to optimize production processes, interfacing management systems and production lines, while ensuring efficient operations and processes.

Why choose the Autoware MES Solutions?

Because 80% of our technical office is dedicated to MES System development, having installed the system in more than 300 plants both national and international.

Our Technologies partners

Global Vision

Global vison of plant and KPIs

Analysis and Reporting

Performance and line efficiency lines analysis, customizable.

Track and trace

Tracking and tracing of raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods.

ERP-Shopfloor Integration

From production to top management tablet, informations can pass through the whole organization.

Operative Management

Drive operators in the plant to reduce human error and guarantee quality.

Real Time Information

Real time information offer the power to solve problem in the very moment it happens.

Resources optimization

Knows production in every details allows you to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Production Planning

Ability to create and constantly update production plan, to get the best possible use of resources.

Paperless Manufacturing

No more information on paper and memos: an MES system can keep track of everything and help you analyze the collected data.

Our Success comes form Experience

For more than 20 years we create and implement solutions based on our customer’s demands.

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