Autoware's PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS solutions

The advantages of Autoware's PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS solutions


The Predictive Analytics starts with the big data analysis with the objective of prediocting future production and supply chain trends.

Why choose Autoware’s PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS solutions?

Aggregate the data will become increasignly important for the manufacturing sector, in order to do calculations based on specific behavior patterns of the previously collected data.

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Global vision

Manage a big volume of raw data returning indicators that are easy to read and useful in the decision-making phase.

Reactive answer

Ability to recognize eventual anomalies since the first signs, long before the negative event (plant breakdown, defective lots production) occurs.

Alarm management

Continuous monitoring, communication with the person in charge to interviene providing the correct information to carry out an in-depth investigation to sovle the problem.

- Quality improvement and waste reduction

Identify the production variables that influence the result, interviening before a defect appears, more accurate calibration for a better product.

Operating time

Greater time margins to decide what to do, the supply management and the interventions schedule.

Standards generation

The computer-assisted predictive analysis allows the use of measurable quantities and therefore to produce the standard operation protocols


recognize the changes and adapt the forecast based on them.

Analysis and reporting

Performance and “health” status of the working asset analysis

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