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We believe that digitalization can create better companies, with optimized and sustainable performances. That’s why process data, MES and AI are at the heart of our daily work, without ever forgetting the human factor.
We want to guarantee that our customers experience a “Golden Day” every single day, by supporting the capabilities of their operators and extracting value from production data.
Find out who we are and how we work Autoware
We provide innovative solutions that help manufacturing companies transform their operations, improve efficiency, maximize productivity and foster growth towards excellence.

Every day, we want to learn something new, discover something unexplored, identify new opportunities. Curiosity makes us open to change, diversity and collaboration.
We are convinced that teamwork is essential for both personal and collective success. Only by collaborating and sharing skills, experiences and ideas can we achieve the goals we have set ourselves.

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Autoware Evolution

With over thirty years of experience and diversified skills, today Autoware is expanding its offerings by embracing not only consultancy and the development of production optimization and efficiency projects, but by redefining the standards of operations management through a holistic, integrated, people-centric approach.

Advice & Experience

Advice & Experience

Augmented Manufacturing Management

Augmented Manufacturing Management

Business Care

Business Care


Food & Beverage


Consumer Packaged Goods CPG





Case studies
The customer is our most important value.

We organize, invest, learn and are committed to offering quality and innovative and tailor-made solutions and services.

IIoT Solution

Global solution for improving production performance through the collection, standardization and presentation of data.

Operations Support

MES project to provide an overview of the plant and support operations at Barilla Sughi Pronti in Rubbiano, Italy).



Our customers are the reason for everything we do, our source of inspiration, our reason for growth and our goal for success.
Our value is measured through the growth of our customers.

Lavora con noi
Ogni nuova risorsa è per noi un tesoro.
Per questo coltiviamo il talento, all’interno di una formazione individuale e di gruppo che potenzia non solo le competenze singole ma lo spirito di collaborazione e coesione tra tutti. Per condividere nel modo più efficace i nostri valori con chi ci ha scelti e chi ci sceglierà.
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