Autoware: Beyond Operations Management – Aiming for a “Golden Day” in Manufacturing Every Day

July 21, 2023

In the process industry, a “Golden Batch” refers to a batch of product that has been produced with optimal efficiency and quality.

In the process industry, a “Golden Batch” refers to a batch of product that has been produced with optimal efficiency and quality. It’s the batch where everything goes right – the process parameters are all within their ideal ranges, the raw materials are of the highest quality, the equipment operates flawlessly, and the end product meets or exceeds all quality specifications. The “Golden Batch” is often used as a benchmark or standard to strive for in future production runs.

The concept of a “Golden Day” that Autoware is introducing parallels the idea of a “Golden Batch”. Just as a “Golden Batch” represents the optimal production run, a “Golden Day” is a day when everything in production goes exactly as planned. It’s a day when the lines and machines work like well-oiled clocks, respecting production capacities, generating no more waste than expected, and stopping for no hitches or breakdowns. It’s a day when raw materials are available when needed, products can be shipped respecting customer orders, and operators are punctual in recording production data. In short, a Golden Day is a perfect day in manufacturing!

But what if a Golden Day could be every day? That’s the vision of Autoware, a leading provider of Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solutions. With their new offering, Autoware is leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to augment operators’ capabilities in running operations, aiming to replicate a Golden Day 365 days a year in any manufacturing company.

Autoware’s unique approach involves using AI not just for predicting process variables or implementing predictive maintenance, but to assist people in making decisions in the organizational processes in operations. By combining skills and experience in process control and managing the organizational processes of production with the modern capabilities of AI, Autoware aims to predict events that may impact production and provide suggestions on possible actions to be taken to avoid their occurrence or limit their impact.

This innovative approach leverages an agnostic AI platform, eliminating the intensive need for Data Scientists to develop complex mathematical models. It combines data collected from sensors, machines, operators, management systems, production, and business to predict potential disruptions and provide actionable suggestions.

The result is a system that doesn’t just collect and contextualize data delivering information, but proposes actions. These actionable commands, manually or automatically, increase the possibility for operators to make the correct decisions in order to optimize production results.

Through Autoware’s systems combined with AI, large amounts of data from machinery and production processes can be analyzed to identify patterns, correlations, and anomalies. This allows for the identification of the best production parameters to minimize waiting times or maximize yield and product quality. It also enables the identification of critical points in the process, suggesting corrective actions, avoiding unexpected machine stops, and reducing maintenance costs. The suggestions provided by the system augment the operator’s expertise helping them to run production as smoothly as possible even if they are not very senior in the role.

This new offering is a part of Autoware’s rebranding, which also includes a change in the company logo, colors, values, mission, vision, website, and all material related to brand identity. The rebranding reflects Autoware’s commitment to going beyond traditional paradigms of Manufacturing Operations Management.

With this new offering, Autoware is not just promising a Golden Day, but a Golden Year for manufacturing companies. It’s a bold vision, but with their innovative use of AI and deep understanding of manufacturing operations, it’s a vision that’s well within reach.