reti internazionali e associazioni

Three key values to open
all the doors of the future.


International in the approach, reliable thanks to Best Practice, updated through continuous study. Associations are the tools with which our networks build a more digitised, secure and human future.

International networks

Together on the territory, to reach the world.

A group active since 2003, born from 10 CSIA (Control System Integrators Association) certified System Integrators, with over 1,500 collaborators operating on five continents.

“Local service, global coverage” is the philosophy behind each business unit, which shares expertise in different industrial sectors to provide an efficient, professional, qualified service. Know-how and interaction guarantee quality, standard procedures and a homogeneous and coherent service.

With Aag, Autoware brings the same level of excellence to the world.


Valuable business management. Certified.

Control System Integrator Association: a global association that brings together leading companies in the integration of control and operations management systems. The goal is to guarantee customers reliable partners, without neglecting any aspect related to their business.

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Autoware has been certified by CSIA since 2014.

A result that guarantees the use of best practices in every business area: a solid project management system, continuous attention to the organization and development of human resources, a rigorous and transparent management of financial aspects and a modern IT organization attentive to security within a formalized and shared strategy.

csia certified

General management

Human resources management

Financial management

Project management

Marketing, business development
and sales management

System development lifecycle

Supporting activities

Quality assurance management



When IT evolves the company

International non-profit for manufacturing companies, technology partners and consultants. It aims to improve business results by combining IT resources and management practices to optimize operations.

MESA unites professionals from every sector to study and promote systems and solutions for efficient production, collaborative supply chain management and an increasingly modern and sustainable manufacturing industry.

It offers educational programs and events to share and develop knowledge, promote “Best Practices” and facilitate discussion between industry experts in order to create knowledge and innovation.