Leading forward, the leadership with a future outlook

January 24, 2022

All the parameters of corporate guidance change: a word from the experts and the local cases of Autoware and Lago

Niuko, an online meeting with the generative leadership. This is the brand new format created by “Maps for Future”, promoted by Niuko Innovation & Knowledge in collaboration with Confindustria Vicenza and with the media partnership of “Il Giornale di Vicenza”.

Monday, from 4pm to 5.30 pm, is scheduled to take place the online event “Leading forward, la leadership che genera futuro”. Changes in the past two years also affect the topic of corporate leadership: even recent models become inadequate

The January appointment of free events “Maps for Future”, promoted by Niuko during the World Education day, is about generative leadership «observed from different angles and perspectives. The event is organized in collaboration with Skilla, a company in the European top 30 for leading the way in digital learning and with which Niuko has already agreed for a continous collaboration in future projects». After Martina Pezzoli, Niuko’s ad, Stefano Zordan, founder of the Adriano Olivetti leadership institute, will introduce the event With a Master’s Degree in Ethics and Politics at the Harvard University, Zordan came back to Italy to dedicate his work on the diffusion of the adaptive leadership approach learned from their original creators. Curator of the Italian version of “The practice of the Adaptive Leadership” (2009), Zordan is also the founder of the “Sistema Italia” association, consultant and teacher to non profit and private organizations. The next speaker introduced was Roberto Fioretto, communication manager, organizational consultant and co-author and speaker of “LeadEretici” a podcast dedicated to the topic of generative leadership.

Finally the intevenction of Monica Muraro, hr manager of Autoware, company situated in Vicenza with around 40 employees that offer software solutions for smart manufacturing and supports the digitalization of manufacturing companies with a particular focus on industries such as food & beverage, CPG and pharma. After graduating in Biology and working at the Vicenza hospital she decided to join the family business and embarked on a mission to promote female leadership in an environment typically male dominated: the Technology industry. Closing arguments were given to Michele Pan, hr manager of Lago Spa, a company in Padua leader in the production of high end furniture and on the forefront on human resource investment.

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