A new partnership is born

SAGE Group – An Australia headquartered industrial digitalization services provider, announce a strategic partnership agreement with Autoware – a leading Italian System Integrator, specializing in Industry 4.0 Smart manufacturing solutions.


SAGE Group and Autoware have been part of the Automation Alliance Group, a peer group of the global Control System Integrators Association, form more than 10 years. This history of open collaboration around best practice and industry advancement, underpins their decision to now enter into a more strategic partnership. This partnership is centered around joining their forces and efforts in transforming the manufacturing landscape.

Both companies bring a solid record of successful implementations of digitization projects in the manufacturing industry at a local and global scale. Combining their geographic coverage, technology knowledge, cultural alignment, and domain expertise, they will be able to provide even more value to their existing and potential customers.

Adrian Fahey, MD and CEO of SAGE Group, said: “SAGE is thrilled to be advancing our association with Autoware to a partnership that offers even greater value to our respective customers.  Importantly, we share a cultural alignment with Autoware in our approach to excellence, knowledge sharing and a passion for enabling customers to thrive in this time of Industry 4.0 and digitalization. It is certainly an exciting time and opportunity for both organizations, our teams and our customers.”

Combined, SAGE and Autoware, employ more than 600 people across four continents, 17 offices and 7 specialist companies, to support their clients in innovating, modernizing, digitizing and improving how they run their operations.

Autoware’s strong focus on improving Manufacturing Operations Management will complement and extend existing SAGE’s capabilities and add presence in the European market, while SAGE’s differentiated business will enable Autoware to grow the portfolio of solutions offered to their clients and extend its global presence.

Luigi De Bernardini, CEO of Autoware, said:“SAGE and Autoware were in a way, partners since they joined the Automation Alliance Group in 2008. We have known each other well since then and I have huge admiration and respect for SAGE. We have many things in common and we both believe in digitizing the globalized manufacturing world. For this reason, it is easy and natural to transform our partnership into a more formalized and strategic one. SAGE and Autoware together will provide better services to our customers, create synergies in developing and implementing advanced solutions and increase their global coverage. It’s a great day for Autoware! After 25 years of life we are ready for the next 25 that will be even more interesting”

Both parties are excited about this new partnership and the potential benefits it brings to their existing and new customers.


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