MES in Cloud Carlsberg

Autoware and Carlsberg: agreement for the development of the performance analysis system in Cloud

New challenge for Autoware, chosen by Carlsberg for the development of the data acquisition and performance analysis system of the bottling lines in Cloud.

The Autoware Solution, to be developed on PTC’s Thingworx platform, satisfies the customer’s demand of managing in a centralized way the Carlsberg plants that are spread around the world on a global level, guaranteeing to the client the acquisition of the machines data and their performance via web.

The MES Solution in Cloud offers the advantage of not requiring a dedicated and installed infrastructure in each plant, allowing to use at the same time the workstations that already exist. This drastically reduces the start-up times required for each plant that immediately become operational.

More than 10 plants will be activated by the end of 2018.

This is an ambitious and innovative project, in which the choice of Carlsberg rewards Autoware’s capacity to offer “global” solutions to this state of the art.

MES in Cloud Carlsberg

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