Autoware Digital was born. The first international Digital System Integrator comes from Vicenza and has its headquarters in Austin, Texas.

The 20+ years of experience of Autoware, System Integrator with corporate headquarters in Vicenza, in the manufacturing sector and in the production management and supply chain optimization, have made the creation of Autoware Digital, a Digital System Integrator that transforms business models to respond to an increasingly interconnected and digitalized industrial market possible.

Since 1996, Autoware is working on improving the business processes through Software Solutions for the Industry 4.0. The deep knowledge of the production facilities’ demands, the need of sharing data and information among the management and operations areas and the potentialities that are made available through new technologies, has led to the awareness that digitization will change the way to produce and to  benefit from the services.

Luigi De Bernardini, CEO of Autoware and president of Autoware Digital, strongly believes in the digital evolution and the changes that it is leading to and will lead to manufacturing, arguing in particular: “Everything begins in operations, their organization needs to focus not only on stability and efficiency, but also on the agility and responsiveness that digital culture requires. Operations management is more effective thanks to constantly updated dashboards that allow people to auto-adjust their activities instantly, while data analysis offers managers a better understanding of what is happening and helps them optimize their organization. A digital wire taht crosses the entire supply chain and the core processes helps not only to improve performance and reduce costs, but it is also crucial to achieve the flexibility needed to respond or anticipate the customers’ needs which change rapidly. The new opportunity to apply artificial intelligence to process management is meant to change the production scenario that we know today. ”

Autoware Digital, based in Austin, Texas, has a corporate mission to support the companies in their “digital transformation”, or in all those digital transformation processes of organizational and production processes. “We chose the United States, and in particular Austin (TX) as the home of Autoware Digital,” the President explains, “because some technologies still become first available on the other side of the ocean”.

This location allows us to bring in new technology in Italy and to bring to the United States the quality and evolution of the solutions we provide, which are, on average, more complex than the usual ones in the USA. Austin is then a highly expanding technological pole, which will give us access to important talents. At the same time, it is a place where an important part of food production is concentrated, in which we have the greatest skills. It is therefore the ideal place to start this new adventure.


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