Autoware turns 19: it’s time to reorganize!

Today Autoware turns 19. To better manage the growth and transformations happended in the last years we reorganized the company.  Luigi De Bernardini’s letter, Autoware CEO and Founder, is below. 

Today Autoware enter in its 20th year of business. Personally I can hardly believe it is real, so it was intense and exciting this period of time. The last six years in particular have seen our reality grow, succeed and be recognized as a reliable and competent system integrator capable of managing large international projects. All this is the result of several factors:
  1. Strategy: this was our goal and we pursued it every day.
  2. Commitment: every day improving the quality of our work and doing more to meet the expectations and needs of our customers and partners.
  3. Passion: about what we do, about quality of our work, about the affirmation of our brand that is our home.
  4. Training & Innovation: constant updating, attention to new technologies and ability to compete, aware of our capabilities but also aware of the risks that innovation could brings.

The growth of recent years, however, has also highlighted a number of limitations and inefficiencies of our structure. We coped with those inefficiencies through commitment and work, but that was not enough, especially while planning to intensify our expansion. For this reason, last summer we started a reorganization, asking the support of external consultants, in order to carry it forward in a more professional way. The reorganization affects mainly three aspects:

  • People: promoting the Autoware heritage, leveraging the capabilities and characteristics of each and every person, creating the conditions for growth perspective and effective accountability of team members.
  • Empowerment: improve the mechanism of empowerment, clarifying the relationship of responsibility, so as to increase the autonomy of decision-making, division of labor by reducing bottlenecks and improve the professionalism of the key roles;
  • Accountability: to clarify the responsibilities of each person, simplifying reporting lines, making it easier and more effective to identify what is expected from their role, to measure performance and to reward the best achievements.

So the new Autoware organization chart is as follows:  

The work done will help to improve our effectiveness and will support us in the growth process we are working on, along with all the initiatives previously implemented thanks to the CSIA certification.


Luigi De Bernardini, CEO and Founder



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