Carlsberg Leverages IoT to Scale Digital Transformation Across Global Sites

The partnership with Autoware enables the brewing company to design, deploy, and scale real-time performance monitoring.


Founded 172 years ago, Carlsberg is a Danish Brewing company with a global presence that is one of the world’s leaders in the brewing industry. With over 140 brewed beverages, including core beers, specialty and craft beers, alcohol-free brews, and local brands from numerous countries, Carlsberg has a diverse and globalized beer portfolio.

Having grown through multiple acquisitions, Carlsberg faced some challenges common to manufacturers that operate sites in different regions of the world. Namely, there was little consistency in how various sites tracked production data. Consequently, the lack of consistent data and outdated methods meant they couldn’t fully optimize machine performance, which led to unplanned downtime, longer lead times, increased costs, and decreased throughput—all of which negatively impacted overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Despite having a full manufacturing execution system (MES) in 10 factories, Carlsberg knew they needed a lighter solution that would scale quickly and easily, one that would help them standardize data collection across their global facilities to improve production performance.

Carlsberg partners with Autoware to leverage IoT solutions and improve OEE

Carlsberg turned to Autoware, an Italian software company focused on implementing digital transformation in the manufacturing sector, as the technology partner to help them improve their data collection and processes. To do so, Autoware leveraged PTC technology to design an IoT-based application for real-time performance monitoring. The application could be used by machine operators to easily assess production performance across different facilities via real-time data and alerts.

To develop the application, Autoware utilized Kepware, a software that automatically pulls data from a variety of automation devices and software applications and aggregates it into a uniform data model. In addition, Autoware used ThingWorx, an end-to-end industrial IoT platform which provides visibility into production and asset health with real-time data analytics and a rich array of insights and production reporting. Together, the technologies allowed Carlsberg to monitor machine data and project it onto dashboards.

The data gives operators a clear understanding of how the line is performing against targets, while real-time alerts help them quickly identify and resolve any production issues. Similarly, some floor operators have tablets equipped with an app that leverages ThingWorx data to track the downtime of a specific machine and proposes the reason in real time; the operator can then confirm next actions to take, even from a remote location in the facility.


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