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Cloud: Operations vs. IT

In the early days of cloud computing, IT insisted that cloud was evil. Now that they’ve learned the benefits far outweigh the risks, they need to pass the word along to operations.

Cloud computing has become an integral part of our lives. We use it for storing pictures and data, listening to music, navigation services and many other activities in our personal lives. Companies commonly use cloud services to exchange emails, office documents and other data—sometimes even sensitive data. Remote banking application are hosted in the cloud, for example, and the major enterprise resource planning (ERP) providers now offer cloud services that are sometimes more sophisticated than on-premise applications.

But which opportunities can cloud services provide to operations? How can automation take advantage of the cloud?
Here are some ideas

The increasing diffusion of MES is now flipping the game. MES is positioned between production and ERP, a kind of middle earth connecting IT and operations—production needs data from ERP and ERP needs data from production. For this reason, IT is becoming more involved in production data and operations needs more IT expertise.
So, when this kind of system is introduced in a company, IT and operations are forced to cooperate sharing knowledge, expertise and habits, creating a common shared governance. The expectation is that the same thing would happen for cloud.

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Cloud Operations

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