CSIA Certification

CSIA Certification is more relevant than ever

In the age of Industry 4.0, some aspects of certification for system integrators are becoming significantly more important.

My company recently went through the process of re-auditing for CSIA Certification. As you can imagine, as the time for the audit time approached, we concentrated more and more heavily on all the various aspects of CSIA Best Practices to verify that we were still compliant or to determine if we needed to fix something. Although this is a continuous process we go through, with biannual internal audits, this time we took a more comprehensive approach, looking at all the different aspects of the business at the same time. It was during this process that I started wondering if CSIA Certification has a different value or meaning in the 4.0 age.

The value of some aspects of the certification doesn’t change, but others become significantly more important in relation to changes in technology and business models. Most of the time, it’s not the new technology or the new business model demanding a new approach, but rather the change process itself that requires attention. A solid business practice is concerned with managing and minimizing risk.

Some of the examples that came to my mind:
– Financial management
– IT security
– Project methodology
– Human resources

I have only briefly touched on just four points. There are many more that could be of interest and that would provide good examples of how CSIA Best Practices can be even more relevant in the 4.0 age than in the past. CSIA is continuously providing information and training to its members to help them prepare and adapt to new business requirements. Certification is a good way for CSIA members to become confident they can keep their business successful while transforming it to its 4.0 level, and is a great indication to their end-user clients that they can be confident they are hiring and working with an integrator organization committed to meeting the highest standards for business and management.

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CSIA Certification

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