CSIA Executive Conference 2016

Autoware as usual participates at the  


CSIA Executive Conference 2016


The conference, held this week in Purerto Rico (19-22 April), offers many discussion opportunities  on Best Practices to improve the quality and reduce the risk of a System Integration company. An innovative element of the 2016 Edition is the relationship with the End Users, to better understand their views and their needs to work in partnership with the SIs. The themes of Smart Manufacturing, Industry 4.0 and IIoT emerged with impressive frequency showing how highly sensitive manufacturing is on these topics.

The Internet of Things and the Smart Manufacturing are themes that Autoware consider as building blocks of the actual technological evolution.

“Being a good system integrator goes hand-in-hand with operating a good business” is the Control System Integrators Association motto. CSIA is a global, not-for-profit organization that collects the best control system integrators. The main mission of CSIA is to provide tools to member companies to offer clients the best automation solutions to improve their business. It also defines Best Practices for managing an SI business on 360°. Autoware has been certified by CSIA in January 2014. For more information about the event: http://csiaexecutiveconference.org/


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