How Digital Transformation Happens

It’s not just the individual technologies, but how they interact together—and how behavior is tuned to them—that create the biggest impact.

When talking about digital transformation, it’s typically related to four upcoming technology megatrends: cloud computing, mobility, Big Data and social.
Though each of these four technologies can have a tremendous impact independently, it’s in the implementation of them together in integrated solutions where the impact is more significant. The most interesting and disruptive things happen when they are combined, at the intersection of the four. The simple collecting of Big Data—without the possibility of cloud computing, of accessing them anywhere and anytime and sharing them through platforms that empower collaboration and discussion on the data itself—would be much less powerful.

Recent studies show that the most beneficial effects of digital transformation do not happen simply by deploying one or more technologies, but embracing them to tune or transform the business models, developing new revenue streams related to core products or associated services. And the most impacted area is the customer relationship, where companies can use digital technologies to differentiate their go-to-market strategies and outperform competitors that are not taking the same approach or at least not as quickly. Early adopters have a strong competitive advantage on laggards that they can use to dramatically change the market share.

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