Digital Transformation is not just a shift from analog


Digital is the new mantra. Any aspect of our life is impacted, more or less, by digitalization. The same human relationships have partially moved to a digital level. Most of us have digital avatars or, talking the industry language, digital twins, that act in the digital world on behalf of us.

Today we talk about customer’s digital expectations to have digital products with associated digital services, providing them a totally new and more comprehensive user experience when they buy a product. An experience that includes fast delivery, customized configuration, complete and immediate support and social openness.

Digitalization of communication wants to align people and make them interact using consistent data through the whole value chain. Digitalization of controls and processes wants to automate repetitive and well identified processes so to free up time to people to focus on business aspects where the human mind can provide more added value. Digitalization of the user experience wants to guarantee that people interact in the respect of the strategically defined company message.

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