HTML5 in Industrial Applications

 Autoware developer Alberto Ziliotto share his experience developing HTML5 industrial application on Automation World.

  I was recently given the task to build a responsive web application that would be accessible from the mobile barcode readers used to track items in two standard warehouses. The way this had been done in the past had been to develop a program with custom mobile layout, let it run on a PC, and every client had to connect to it through a TS (terminal server) session. This can be quite expensive, especially considering the cost of TS licenses. The more clients that need to connect, the higher the required fees are in terms of licenses—and the two warehouses this application was being designed for needed about 70 total mobile devices each. Plus, the original application was developed for a desktop PC. Even though its layout was optimized for mobile, the end user experience was poor. Working with the latest in web development technologies, however, allows for the easy creation of a beautiful and responsive user interface through new CSS3 styledefinitions. This led me to to consider the idea of using HTML5 for industrial web applications while working on an internal project. Here is what I chose for each component needed to build an industrial web application, and why.  

The full article is available on Automation World


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