Industry 4.0: Evolution or Revolution

It’s some of both-like an explosive chemical reaction that’s evolving so quickly it looks like a revolution. But what really matters is how you will adapt.

There’s an ongoing debate if Industry 4.0 (or Smart Manufacturing) is a revolution or just an evolution, with conference speakers bringing arguments in favor of one side or the other. Besides the fact that I personally believe the discussion is not very relevant (our world is changing and we need to adapt as fast as possible to survive or excel), it’s somehow interesting to analyze the various components that have revolutionary or evolutionary aspects.

First, it’s useful to define the difference between evolution and revolution. In my mind, there are two ways to look at it.
The second way to differentiate between evolution and revolution takes into consideration the speed at which change happens.

But the scenario is not so homogeneous, and what we are really looking at is a combination of revolutionary and evolutionary trends.

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