Is the pandemic changing the client supplier relationship?


It was clear from the beginning that the COVID-19 related global pandemic, even if not new in the modern world, was totally different from any previous one. The main reason of the difference was due to the globalized organization of our modern world and society. The second one was due to the global technology availability that was supporting the globalized society. These two aspects are making the pandemic impact and the consequent reactions very different from any previous one. As soon as the time flows and it becomes clearer that the emergency is going to last longer than originally expected, it’s even clear that the heritage it’s going to leave will be evident and impact our life and business organization. 

COVID-19 happened after several year of strong technological acceleration, in the middle of the hype of several technologies that we were just starting to evaluate to understand the impact and benefits they could have in our life or in the factories. Suddenly we all had to accelerate even more and embrace some of them just “taking the risk”. We switched to survive mode and left apart all the normal cautions. This created an unbelievable global lab that transformed our lives and businesses in months instead of years or, sometimes, decades. 

One of the most significant examples is the vaccine creation. It never happened that the life science industry was able to create several different vaccines in few months. It never even happened that it was possible to shorten so much the test phase and move to the human usage so fast. This was for sure enabled by the “survival mode”, but even from an unprecedent usage of technology and from an unpredictable capability of collaboration along the whole supply chain, from the R&D to production, logistics and end users. 

Luigi De Bernardini

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