CSIA Award 2018 - Charlie Bergman "Remember Me"

CSIA Award 2018 – Charlie Bergman “Remember Me” goes to Luigi De Bernardini

Honor and Pride in Autoware!

During CSIA Executive Conference 2018 in san Francisco, Luigi De Bernardini, CEO at Autoware, gets the Charlie Bergman “Remember Me” CSIA Award.

This is what Luigi De Bernardini said:

I never met Charlie. i attended my first CSIA Conference in 2009, when Norm and Joan retired, and heard for the first time of Charlie during the gala dinner when Nels Tyring of TVC System was recognized. That was the first time I started learning of Charlie and even heard that he was used to say that “Every idea shared will come back tenfold”.

Immediately had the feeling of a visionary and a though leader. If we are all here it’s for his idea and his ability to make it real, back in 1994. Every Executive Conference I attended I progressively refined the idea I created to myself of Charlie through the various people that were selected for the Charlie Bergman “Remember Me” Award. In each of them I found something special and I imagined that it was something that remembered Charlie. So putting together all the small pieces I created my picture of Charlie that is a little of Nels Tyring, Bill Pollock, Dean Streck, Ed Diehl, Jeff Miller, steve Goldberg, Jim Campbell, Don Ulrich and Bob Lowe. It’s a picture of a great man formed from pieces of people I respect and I consider examples to follow.

I learned so much from many of them that I cannot see myself being compared with them.

So I’m really honored of having been selected and I hope to be able to demonstrate I deserve it. For sure I need to share this award with many people that helped me to grow a lot in these 9 years. First of all my wife and my family that trusted, supported and pushed me to travel, open my mind, learn new things and start new adventures.

The friends of the Automation Alliance Group that taugh me a lot and continuously teach me a lot, and all the people I had the opportunuty to meet and work with at CSIA: Jeff, Jose, Lynda, all the staff and all of you in this room.

I really thank you and hope to be able to give back to the association at least what I got, to honor Charlie’s memory”.

CSIA Award 2018 - Charlie Bergman "Remember Me"

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