Maintenance Management: MES or ERP?

Since one system cannot do it all, it’s up to the user to determine which one is better for managing maintenance. Of course, this lead to a bigger question: Is maintenance a business process or an operations process? – Luigi De Bernardini’s article on Automation World

Anyone can see that the maintenance of production lines, machinery and devices in a manufacturing plant is important. A little less obvious, perhaps, is how maintenance can significantly minimize quality issues, waste and other sources of loss. Given these realities, why then is maintenance management often given so little attention? Instead of managing it as a critical business process, many companies suffer through it and consider it an unavoidable cost.

The need to reduce all forms of inefficiency and reduce capital investment by maximizing the use of existing assets rather than acquiring new ones is leading many companies to pay greater attention to maintenance and consider the possibility to manage it as a business or production process. This, however, opens an organizational debate: Is maintenance a business process or an operations process? Should maintenance need to be part of enterprise resource planning (ERP) or the manufacturing execution system (MES)?

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