Moving Towards a New Office Strategy

As COVID-19's end comes into sight, companies are beginning to determine office re-entry protocols for their employees. Autoware's CEO discusses remote work balance, defining an office strategy, and integrating clients into your new workspace.

Last week I had the opportunity to speak with several system integrators and one question was omnipresent: What’s your new office strategy?

As we start to see the pandemic’s end in sight, we are required to make decisions on how to re-organize ourselves as the world resumes. Companies almost everywhere have had to move a major part of their workforce to remote work. All of us had to face the different reactions and expectations of our employees, who were trying to balance preserving their health, managing abnormal family situations, the need to meet colleagues, socialize, and be effective in their work.

The original enthusiasm for working from home has transformed to remote work fatigue. Daily routines have changed. Virtual meetings fill a significant portion of every agenda. The difficulty to separate business from personal life, even in terms of space, has created stress. But we had no other options. Our world was fighting a global crisis, while our battle was for our employee’s and company’s health. There was little choice in the matter.

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