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Renewing our CSIA Certification

Great satisfaction in Autoware! We achieved the CSIA Certification renewal.

We asked Serena Crocetta, Project Management & Quality Officer, to explain what is CSIA and the certification’s purpose for Autoware:
“CSIA-Control System Integration Association is an international organization, with headquarter in Madison (Wisconsin, USA), that gathers the best Control System Integrators companies. The purpose is to provide tools that help members to offer the best solutions to their customers and improve their business.

Autoware is CSIA Certified since January 2014. The certification is designed specifically for System Integrators and considers the Best Practices in every business aspect. Being CSIA certificated means implementing a structured System Project Management and Quality Assurance plan, a plan for organization, assessment, growth and development of human resources, a formalized corporate strategy and a related sales and marketing development plan and a well-qualified Information Technology system.”

Certificate Autoware

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