S.M.A.R.T. Communication Manufacturing

Discover the five areas manufacturers should consider when responding to COVID-19’s impact on communication in their plant.

In my last few articles, I wrote mostly of the impact COVID-19 is having and will have on collaboration in manufacturing companies. Like all of you, COVID-19 impacted my life, my business, and my clients’ businesses. I’ve spent a lot of time and energy imagining what kind of changes the pandemic is going to drive, in order to prepare and not be disrupted by them. The more I talk with clients and factories during COVID-19, the more I realize some of the most important and strategical changes needed are with collaboration and communication.
As I frequently say, we are in the middle of a disruption, everything will transform, and we will find a “new normal”. New normal is a buzz word, but I believe it’s probably the most important one. Not because we will find a different world at the end of the pandemic, but because we can use this disruption to build the “new normal” we want and design it—instead of suffering it.

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