Smart Manufacturing & MES

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that smart manufacturing is a replacement for MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems). On the Automation World blog, Luigi De Bernardini’s point of view.

The phrase “smart manufacturing” has been heard everywhere this past year, and has become part of every discussion related to manufacturers’ need for a manufacturing execution system (MES) or manufacturing operations management (MOM). Some might be under the impression that smart manufacturing has done away with the need for MES to support the coordination of operations processes, but in my opinion that is not the case. According to a recent white paper from MESA International, “Smart manufacturing is the endeavor to design, deploy, connect and manage enterprise manufacturing operations and systems that enable proactive management of the manufacturing enterprise through informed, timely (as close to real time as possible), in-depth decision execution.” The focus of smart manufacturing, therefore, is about the availability of information allowing timely and correct decisions to optimize competitiveness. The scope of influence of the definition obviously goes beyond the simple production operations, and is interested instead in the company as a whole through the integration of strategic, commercial, organizational design, production and distribution processes. The creation of a homogenous, harmonious and totally interconnected entity is the great challenge of smart manufacturing. Find the full article on Automation World  Find all the Luigi De Bernardini’s articles on Automation World here

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