Efficiency and ERP Integration

Project Information

MES project aimed to gain an overall efficiency improvement among the whole Supply Chain, thanks to real time information made available by the ERP and shop floor integration.

  • Client: Italian Pastry Multinational
  • Date: 2012

The company

Italian pastry multinational founded in 1946, specialized in cakes and dessert and catered worldwide, decided to ask Autoware to implement an MES system.

The need

The company start thinking about an MES project to integrate the ERP functionalities with more visibility on the production and real time information. From here comes the need of a tool able to collect, manage and visualize in real time the collected data; a tool easy to use for the operator and value-adding for the company while sustaining the implementation of Lean Production and continuous improvement.

The Autoware’s Solution

The ERP MS Dynamics AX and the warehouse management software have been integrated, together with the production and labour scheduling. The technology used is Wonderware System Platform.

The MES implementation boosted the supply chain overall efficiency thanks to the real time information from newly integrated shop floor and ERP.

The Results


Improvement of manufacturing efficiency (KPIs and OEE) and process control.


Real time information available thanks to shop floor and ERP integration and thanks to the real time interfacing of the various systems involved.


Optimization of line saturation and labour allocation.


Optimization of maintenance procedures.

Track & Trace

Row materials, semi-finished and finished goods track & trace.

Paperless Manufacturing

Reduction of manual data management on the ERP system.


Autoware MES System is like the Maalox for our ERP heartburn’s
Production Manager - Pastry Plant

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