IoT Autoware Solution


  • Cliente: OEM Leader in manufacturing of Packagings Machine
  • Data: 2017

Goglio operates in the flexible packaging sector, has its headquarters located in Daverio (VA), and is the only one that offers a complete system to meet all packaging needs: flexible laminates, valves and plactis accessories and packaging lines. Goglio, to date, has 1,600 employees and about € 400 million turnover.

Customer demand

As a packaging machine manufacturer, Goglio must guarantee a range of efficiency to its customers. If this range is not guaranteed, the company is penalized.
The control of the stops’ causes, of the time and of the machine’s sections temperature helps to foresee an eventual malfunction and to save on maintenence costs.


What did the client ask us?

Stops per machine control
Remote machines’ efficiency control for several clients
Provide the customers an added value to their product, allowing the line operator, the head of department and who is not physically in the company to access the portal.
Monitoring of some analogical variables (temperature) of formers and welders

The Autoware’s Solution

IoT project in order to range of efficiency to end-user.

The Results

Costs Reduction

It is not necessary to have a person in the plant, therefore tehre is personnel reduction costs.

Remote Control

Remote monitoring and trends study

Productivity Prediction

Potential tool for predictivity

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