MES becomes mobile

Project Information

MES project to manage the assembly plant, in a more efficient way, trough the ERP interfacing and the use of tablets.

  • Customer: Italian multinational company that produces actuators and spray caps for the healthcare
  • Date: 2014

The company

Italian multinational company that produces actuators and spray caps for the healthcare, food and pharmacy industry,with 18 plants around the world and about € 180 million of revenue.

The need

The company wanted a MES project to manage the production of the wrapping establishments efficiently.

The Autoware’s Solution

The MES solutions offered by Autoware is based on Wonderware standard flexible and scalable technologies that can evolve with the plants transformations.
In particular, the MES system receives the information from the ERP and coordinates the production of every single machine of the assembly unit, collecting all production information from the tablet and from the machines used by the operators, and sending them back to the ERP.

Risultati ottenuti

ERP Integration

Autoware MES communicates directly with the ERP, receiving the instructions and transferring the information on the production status.

operation management

The system guides the operators, over each phase, reducing the incidence of errors and the possibility of skipping any stage of the process.


In a big working area, the use of tablets allows the operators to work in a more fluent and efficient way.


The system enables efficient controls and data conservation as requested by the certification requirements in order to operate in the pharmaceutical context.

Trusted Informations

The information collected from the tablet is more precise and reliable than those that were collected on paper.


Thanks to the use of tablets, also the operators from other areas can access the data in real time and take the necessary actions (for example, the operators in the raw materials warehouse).

Paperless Manufacturing

Thanks to the use of tablets, the paper use has been reduced.

Costs Reduction

The Autoware MES solution based on mobile technologies has reduced the infrastructural costs.


Traceability of raw materials, semi-manufactured and manufactured products.


The Autoware MES solution is essential for the pharmaceutical certifications
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