Multiline Scheduler Solution


  • Client: Leading company in the production of fresh, gourmet desserts.
  • Date: 2017

A-27 S.p.A., based in Gattico, province of Novara, produces pastry desserts.
It works exclusively in Italy, following the oldest italian and international pastry tradition.
The company’s mission is to “propose fresh pastry desserts originated from the expertise and experience of a great pastry master applying the most advanced technologies available in its production”.

Customer’s request

A-27 had the need to further develop the scheduler in use. Particularly, new functions had to be added in order to adapt to the latest and new production demands.
This projected started in November 2016 and was thought and structured based on the need of having a solution that could be expandable at any time, adaptable to the new customer requests and integrated with the MES System.
The know-how of Autoware’s Team and the collaboration with the programming experts have allowed a fast identification of the features that better suit the customer.
This is the third scheduler project for A-27.


What did the client ask us?

• An user friendly product, with a standard number of features
• Simultaneous use for several people in porder to eliminate the waiting time
• Integration with the MES System for the part related to the warehouse stocks and to the work in progress status

The Autoware’s Solution

Scheduler project in order to new functions for new production needs.

The Results


Intuitive, simplified scheduling process

Paperless Stock Management

Work in progress status and warehouse stocks in real time with a relative paper elimination

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