Plant Overview and Operations Support

Project Excerpt

MES Project aimed to get plant overview and operations support in a brand new Sauce plant.

  • Client: Barilla, Italian multinational market leader in pasta, sauces and bakery
  • Date: 2014
  • Link:

The Company

Barilla, Italian food multinational (market leader for pasta, sauces and bakery) decided to implement with Autoware a Plant Supervisor in their new Sauce plant.

The need

The company approached a MES project to get an operations overview, looking for a tool to support operators and management in making informed decisions, while collecting data from various systems present in the plant. Particular attention is required for the management of industrial kitchens, to guide the operators during all stages of processing and track the movements of raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods.

The Autoware’s Solution

The MES solution proposed by Autoware is based on Wonderware standard technologies, flexible and scalable, able to evolve with the plant changes. Integrated with all the plant systems, Autoware solution collects data interfacing with PLC, field instruments, supervisors and line database of different suppliers, historicizes all the data and offers an instant view of all key information through reports and dashboards.

The Results

Global Vision

Global vison of plant and KPIs.

Operative Management

Operative management of kitchens through RFID tag on carts.

Track and trace

Track and trace of raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods.

Reduction of errors

Reduction of inaccuracies incidence in dosing and in raw materials insertion sequence.

Waste reduction

Reduction of semi-finished good to waste in case of contamination (from 24h to 2h of production).


Reporting and dashboard with customizable appearance and KPIs.


Performance and lines efficiency analysis.

Recipes management

Bill of materials and recipes management.

Energy Management

Management and monitoring of energy usage.


The AUtoware MES System is essential to the proper conduct of plant operations.
Plant Manager - Pasta Sauces Plant

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