Autoware and Poka


Poka is a Single Integrated Connected Worker Platform That Covers the Knowledge, Training and Communication Needs of Factory

Why Poka?

– platform built for manufacturers by manufacturers. Designed with the aim of improving performance and reducing costs.
– designed for factory workers to ensure ease of use, creating confidence and guarantee of use by the workers themselves.
– comprehensively covers all the steps to support the continuous improvement life cycle.
– created to standardize factory work globally, and ensure the balance of corporate governance with flexibility towards local needs
– platform that integrates with leading digital production systems to ensure a seamless workflow and an optimal user experience

Autoware & Poka

Autoware, which has always had in its mission the improvement of manufacturing companies and the lives of consumers through the implementation of solutions to optimize the visibility and control of production, will be able to guarantee its customers, together with Poka, the necessary innovative drive by realizing the integrated collaboration between Machines-Devices-Systems-Person

Poka Platform advantages

Secure by Design

The most stringent, audited SaaS security standards


Available as a native Desktop and iOS app and through any modern Web browser

14+ Languages

English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, German, Malay, Dutch and more

High Availability

Designed for uninterrupted uptime and enterprise scale


Customize workflows, information tags and permissions by factory or division


Connect to core systems with our fully documented API

Digital manufacturing leaders rely on Poka to improve the knowledge, performance and productivity of their factory workers.