Consumer Packaged Goods - CPG

Will the variables find the constants?

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Today, there are many variables behind a consumer good. The new dawn of e-commerce, the urgency of truly ethical and sustainable actions, and the way the supply chain evolves all impose an attention to and readiness for change. Choosing the right partner for digital transformation is thus a priority in increasing the efficiency of processes and qualifying people.


Human and technological.
By convergence.

Being agile, adaptable, reactive to trends applies to many markets but for Consumer Packed Goods (CPG) it is a sine qua non.

We at Autoware respond with a convergent approach: consultancy
full time personalized; combination of Artificial Intelligence and human analysis to reduce unexpected events and maximize production; value the training and professional growth of human resources.


Fast, efficient, synergetic.

Never before has the union of consultancy and technology been so fruitful.

This is what we at Autoware put in place for our partners in the CPG market: an ecosystem of services that, starting from a change in technological paradigm, contributes to changing speed, degree of efficiency, human synergy, and the value of the business in time.

Most frequently solved problems
  • 01
    Production OEE efficiency
  • 02
    Management of production and packaging orders
  • 03
    Reduction of setup and format change times
  • 04
    Management of maintenance processes
  • 05
    Tracking and traceability
  • 06
    Interfacing with departmental systems
  • 07
    quality management
  • 08
    workforce collaboration
  • 09
    process data collection
  • 10
    Management and setting of the "end of line"

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