Can you grow within regulatory limits?

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Operating in such a regulated market is one of the most complex challenges for companies. At stake are the categorical imperatives of safety, quality, and availability, in addition to the rise of personalised therapies and the daily evolution of research. Digitization is the road to simplification and harmonization of operations, all while guaranteeing business continuity and strict standards.


The future in one choice: MES.

A holistic approach to corporate production management.

Monitor production lines in real time, track every batch, ensure strict pharmaceutical industry standards at all times by preventing errors and waste. MES is the asset that minimizes risk and maximizes yield, in integrating with other systems, providing analyzes that improves operators’ work, and ensuring quality, efficiency plus compliance.


Adaptable, practical, responsive.

When the required level of quality and compliance with regulations have the same priority, consultancy must adapt.
We offer companies in the Pharma world a network of solutions that adapt to regulatory processes without losing efficiency and reactive capacity. This serves as an active guide with which operators can orient themselves, to limit unexpected events and transform a productive day into a Golden Day.
Most frequently solved problems
  • 01
    EBR (Electronic Batch Record)
  • 02
    Process data collection
  • 03
    Interfacing with departmental systems
  • 04
    Workforce collaboration
  • 05
    Reduction of setup times
  • 06
    OEE production efficiency
  • 07
    Recipe management
  • 08

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