How does a
day of production become a Golden Day?

With three valued components that, combined, give added value.


Process data

Management that allows you to capture and structure information, promoting the analysis of every single production phase to understand the dynamics and correlations. In this way, interventions are faster and surgical.


A professional, advanced browser that renders operations more fluid and ensures the correct execution of each production step.




AI combines everything, offering predictive insights and tips to optimize processes, completing human intervention and rendering the path more fluid and informed.

With these three components, decisions become clearer, processes are more harmonized and achieving your “Golden Day” draws ever closer.

In the intricate world of production, one goal is the silent aim of many: “Golden Day”. This is the day when everything aligns correctly, when processes flow smoothly and production proceeds exactly as expected. At Autoware, we aim to accompany our partners in achieving this via Augmented Manufacturing Management (AMM) solutions based on the three pillars of Process Data Management, Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and the finesse of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Your improvement, point by point.

All operations in plain sight, including inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement. Capitalized time and product quality then leave the focus on business growth.

Traceability plus planning equal greater efficiency, less waste, delivery precision and quality responses even when demand changes, in the approach to a target of excellence.

Real-time analyses and optimization mean support in decision-making, error reduction and improved performance, arising from the ability to predict and anticipate problems.



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