An assistant, colleague and manager all-in-one, always at your service.
Not bad, right?

If only this dream was a reality, you might say. Well, it actually is, and it is called Artificial Intelligence. Indeed, AI supports you in all your decisions, analyzing and summarizing the variables. A “virtual” hand with real effects.

Implementing Al in the manufacturing sector: Autoware is at the forefront.
This is the concept underlining Golden Day, when all production processes work perfectly, with the aim being to extend this occasion to a full year. To achieve this, we draw on market platforms, cutting-edge AI and in-depth industry know-how to transform a visionary idea into your everyday reality.
This technology works by combining and correlating process data, data from
MESs and other department-based systems to identify recurring patterns relating to specific situations. The results are then utilized to provide operators with suggestions on what actions should to be taken to better conduct production processes.

the perfect day

Manufacturing companies aspire to perfection, focusing on days when everything goes exactly to plan. However, the complexity of modern production processes, constantly changing market demand and unforeseen disruptions often render this goal elusive. The “Golden Day” concept thus represents the aspiration to consistently achieve such perfection. Artificial Intelligence is a transformation tool for unlocking this potential, offering predictive suggestions, real-time process corrections and decisions that are not only informed but also based on experience.


Artificial Intelligence that generates human satisfaction.

Your journey to achieving your own Golden Day begins with our AI solutions, the benefits of which develop manufacturing company operations and improve performance. The end goal: your expansion.

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Multiline scheduling
dough room automation
Constant optimization

Firstly, operators work in optimal conditions thanks to the suggestions that allow them to seamlessly manage processes and thanks to the experience contained in the data that AI uses.

Improved decision-making

Suggestions from Artificial Intelligence help business decision makers improve responsiveness and boost the ability to cope with unforeseen circumstances or situations outside their expertise.

Continuous training

These suggestions are based on historical, process and transactional data analyses and allow operators to develop know-how and experience while ensuring fewer errors with a tangible impact on production.


“Golden Day” solutions: avant-garde yet always solid.

Innovation and pragmatism. Two concepts that unite in our approach towards the Golden Day. Every solution that asks AI for help arises from current trends or the urgency to innovate at all costs, but comes first and foremost from your actual need. This is why process data and information available to the MES are central to offering your company the best possible production efficiency.

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