Having correct, tracked processes kept under control. Impossible?
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Once you have control, you can have it all: complete and real-time vision of the processes, fluidity of management, ability to orientate strategic choices (including price) … all with a view to being competitive. This is not just a promotional promise, but an objective that can actually be achieved together.


Creating interfaces integrated with process control systems to collect data in a fast and secure manner. Availing of historical data handling systems to organize and store data in real time. Creating customized dashboards to monitor all aspects of operations. Co-existence with other business systems for a unified workflow. These are the methods and technologies that we at Autoware handle to offer you a robust, flexible and highly-customizable MES.

real-time control

Manufacturers face continuous pressure to reduce costs, increase efficiency, ensure compliance and respond quickly to progressively diverse market demands. Traditional methods often fail to provide the agility, transparency, and data integration needed to address these challenges. This is where MES solutions become critical, bridging the gap between planning and execution.


Transform production operations into a “best workflow”.

Manufacturing companies must be able to withstand truly complex processes very quickly. Our MES solutions offer a number of features specifically designed to optimize production in this sector.

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Real-time monitoring

Get immediate information on production status, quality, and performance, to enable timely decisions and actions.

Greater efficiency

Optimize production processes, reduce downtime, minimize waste, and increase overall efficiency.

Quality and conformity

Ensure consistent quality and regulatory compliance through automated tracking, reporting, and traceability.

Scalability and flexibility

Adapt and grow with changing business needs, technologies, and market dynamics.

Collaborative environment

Support collaboration between various operators, departments and teams, ensuring alignment, responsiveness, and the accumulation of know-how and experience in a united corporate memory.


More than customized MES solutions.

Tailored for the customer yet also based on standard market platforms—this is what makes our MES solutions both personal and effective. Indeed, the goal is to provide perfect coverage, ensuring durability and development over time. An effective and safe combination, just like choosing to trust in Autoware.

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