How about interpreting real data instead of working off hunches?

That’s what we do. Of course, a process data archive can do much more than just that, but this task takes up more energy and more experienced resources, slowing down the continuity of production flows.

Today in the manufacturing sector, data is more than just numbers—it is an essential factor in understanding, controlling and developing processes. Managing huge amounts of data while ensuring accuracy, accessibility and correct interpretation is crucial for business.
At Autoware, we implement advanced historical data handling systems that record, structure, store and optimize data to render it easy to interpret. Intuitive visualization platforms and customized dashboards then help companies have a clear and complete overview so they can immediately understand what faults to resolve, what to change and how to improve.

The importance of data

Underestimating the management and historical handling of data runs the risk of inefficiency, non-conformity, lacked optimization and loss of information in real time. Yet these are the key tasks that allow you to archive production history. They are thus the tangible and searchable memory of the company, useful for optimizing processes and orientating operators’ work on a daily basis.


Free the
potential of data.

Each piece of data carries its own history. Without the professional skills and technologies to read and understand it, this history has no future. Our services open a gap in the data world, to recognize any faults in real time, prevent them through trend analyses and help business processes become more aware, efficient and fluid, free to take your business far.

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Operations support
ERP integration
Information and suggestions in real time

Immediate access to critical process data to allow for prompt decision-making and reactive actions.

Advanced analyses

Identification of trends, enhancement opportunities and prevention of potential issues.

Conformity and quality

Strict adherence to industry standards and regulations through accurate data logging, traceability and secure storage.

Scalability and flexibility

The ability to adapt each solution to the strategic plan, identity, and objectives of the company.


All the power you are given.

Historical handling of well-managed data is a small step in the development of your company. Our approach to management and historical data handling is applied to the philosophy of your company, creating solutions that not only store, but actually transform data content into important information for you. Combining technology and know-how, we can exploit full data potential according to the decision-making procedure, process optimization and strategic planning.

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