How about customer service that assists your operators first and foremost?

Our operation includes both the applications directly developed by us and those installed by other System Integrators, which we can manage starting with a preventive analysis.

Sometimes even a simple anomaly can trigger a big issue. At Autoware, we are by your side offering three levels of support, created to meet various needs and ensure business continuity even in the face of the slightest, unexpected event. As such, we reduce delays and subsequent waste of time and costs. And you gain efficiency.

Take care of your business

There is no such thing as a maintenance-free control system, meaning you can run into small, medium or large issues during the normal operating cycle. Often, it is everyday anomalies that significantly impact production continuity, product quality and business endurance.


Your business, safeguarded
from anomalies.

Business Care guarantees access to a service channel and to exclusive and privileged support. It guarantees complete assistance, through various service methods offered, chosen from standard or customized levels in relation to the specific needs of each customer.

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Operations support
ERP integration
Reduced system downtime

Improved production performance plus reduced maintenance time and costs. Guaranteed remote support in real time.

Reduced waste

Product quality also improves in terms of sustainability and business expansion. The impact is minimized for all production, reduction loss and waste aspects.

Improved planning

This boosts adherence to planning, predictable processes and an improved response to market demands.

Better management
and human resources skills

New and consolidated resources grow in professional and operational terms, whilst operators are constantly supported to avoid stalling (on-the-job training on demand).


Prolonged systems lifecycle.

Forget your problems—even those that are insignificant in theory—and concentrate on optimal production system continuity. This is the basis of the Business Care concept. Indeed, the resolution of small, unforeseen technical events results in fluid and organized workflows, preventing and managing more significant issues.
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    remote monitoring
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