Internet Of Things


The advantages of Autoware IIOT


IoT applications allow you to collect data across the entire supply chain and transform them into anywhere accessible information, ready to support innovative services, bring operational improvements or provide insights for the development of new products.

Why choose the Autoware IIOT solutions?

Certified experience on IoT solutions implementation on productive plants.

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The value of our solutions

Global Vision

Collect data from the entire supply chain, process them and make them viewable anywhere with just one click

First Hand Data

Get detailed information on how the products are actually used, to know in what direction design the innovation

Mobile App

A mobile application add value to the product offering to the end user the ability to view the status and control it remotely

Personalized dashboard

Dashboards that offer anywhere and on any device the needed specific information based on user’s preferences and role

Remote Update

Ability to send information and remote firmware updates to each product, reducing costs

New Services

Additional services can be offered to customers based on their specific product usage patterns

Collect data everywhere
Process the information
Visualize and expoloit it in innovative ways

Our Success comes form Experience

For more than 20 years we create and implement solutions based on our customer’s demands.

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Success Stories

Multiline Scheduler Solution

Scheduler project in order to new functions for new production needs.

Multiline Scheduler Solution

IoT Autoware Solution

IoT project in order to range of efficiency to end-user.

IoT Autoware Solution

Efficiency and ERP Integration

MES project aimed to gain an overall efficiency improvement among the whole Supply Chain, thanks to real time information made available by the ERP and shop floor integration.

Efficiency and ERP Integration

MES becomes mobile

MES project to manage the assembly plant, in a more efficient way, trough the ERP interfacing and the use of tablets.

MES becomes mobile

Plant Overview and Operations Support

MES Project aimed to get plant overview and operations support in a brand new Sauce plant.

Plant Overview and Operations Support

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